We’re everywhere, working behind the scenes to keep equipment running that keeps industry moving.

Partnering with UBC Millwright Local 1021 Saskatchewan

Ensure the highest level of service and expertise, the least amount of production downtime and the safest jobsite practices by staffing your project with UBC Millwright Local 1021 Saskatchewan. We have the training, skills and experience to complete the work safely, quickly, properly.

From mining to agriculture, UBC Millwright Local 1021 Saskatchewan can be found performing the kind of mission-critical work that keeps the world moving. UBC Millwrights get extensive training to build expertise in industries like material handling, mechatronics, oil & gas, power generation, and renewable energy.

Partnering with Local 1021

Hiring a Contractor Who Employs UBC Millwrights From Local 1021 Means:

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Our skills and experience keep your project on time and on budget.

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Flexible solutions and work schedules to meet your project’s specifications.

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Disciplined crews arrive where, when, and for as long as they’re needed.

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Certified specialists are trained in the latest products and techniques.

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Intense safety training helps create the safest possible work site.

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Foremen and superintendent training is available for solid jobsite leadership.

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Union staff members are dedicated to making the project a success.

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Employ the safest, technically skilled Millwright workforce today.

“We value our longstanding partnership with Local 1021. Not only because they ensure the training and development of their members, but we share the desire to promote the reputation and credibility of the unionized sector of construction in Saskatchewan.”
Erin Lyons
Senior LR Advisor

Employ the safest, highly skilled Millwright workforce today. Make the wright move!

A Day in the Life of a Millwright

UBC Millwright Local 1021 Saskatchewan solves problems. We understand new technologies and possess specialized talents to address challenges that surface during a project. And we’re trained to consistent standards that produce dependable, high-caliber results, regardless of location or specialization.

Joining UBC Millwright Local 1021 Saskatchewan

Becoming a UBC millwright means joining a network of hundreds of thousands of highly skilled problem solvers working in industries across North America — and getting access to training and connections that position you for career success.

Learn The Trade

Safety, reliability, quality craftsmanship and professionalism are at the core of everything UBC millwrights do.

Want To Join Us?

Every year, we train thousands of millwrights — from first-year apprentices to superintendents — with the latest and most comprehensive standards across disciplines and industries. UBC Millwright Local 1021 Saskatchewan receive extensive training so we can be the most well-prepared workforce in any industry, at any location.